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  • Improved Health and Well-Being
  • Better Focus & Concentration
  • Increased Self Confidence
  • Increased Fitness & Flexibility
  • Improved Posture & Alignment
  • Superior Self-Defense Skills



Wing Tjun Kung Fu, also know as Wing Chun is a concept-based traditional Southern Chinese Kung Fu style which is best known as a fast, efficient and dynamic self-defence and martial health system for men and women.

The fundamental concept behind Wing Tjun is about understanding energy; yours, your opponents and a combination of both. By using this energy with the correct structure, alignment and angles we can easily outperform any opponent who relies purely on strength and brute force to win an exchange.

Our classes are suitable for all ages, fitness levels and people from any walk of life. Wing Tjun brings many physical and mental benefits which are based on ancient Chinese knowledge of Mastering the Body, Mind & Energy.



At our IWKA Wing Tjun Kung Fu Sydney training academy, we practice mastery of Body, Mind & Energy. Our students and instructors are a big family full of people from diverse backgrounds and ages. You will find your KungFu Brothers (Sihing) and Kung Fu Sisters (Sije) promote calmness, strength and unity by example. Everyone is there to help each other improve their skills.

The classes are a combination of solo and partner training. Our students learn to practice at their own pace in a fun and engaging way and in a safe and ego-free environment.

No matter your size, age, gender, fitness level or martial arts experience, at Wing Tjun Kung Fu Sydney our friendly team of instructors and students will help and support you in achieving your goals.

What Our Members Say


Wing Tjun Student

A fantastic kung fu school for all levels. The trainers are highly knowledgeable and incredibly patient. Full respect is paid to the cultural traditions of kung fu and the Wing Tjun linage.

The classes are fun and all the students are friendly and supportive to beginners.


Wing Tjun Student

WT is awesome. I have recently returned to class after a break for a couple of years and have brought my 13 year old son along. The instructors are highly qualified and very approachable. Every class I learn new things and am getting fit again. With dedication  to learn the system is not difficult.


Training in IWKA Wing Tjun will help you to develop sharper reflexes, increase your strength, improve your health and boost your confidence.
No matter your size, age or gender you will find
IWKA Wing Tjun works perfectly for everyone.

While we hope you will never have to use these skills outside of practice, we do believe that it is important for you to be able to defend yourself, which is why we teach our Ritual Fight Program
as part of your curriculum.


You will learn to prevent conflicts by using advanced de-escalation techniques, to be aware of your surroundings and situation, as well as how to avoid potential problems in the first place. Learn to take control of your life, defeat fear and if necessary, defend yourself instinctively and effectively to protect yourself and your loved ones.

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