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The  IWKA Method - 6 Core Elements



Training begins with your body.

We work with you to bring your body back to its most natural state of  relaxation, openness and readiness.

You will benefit from improved posture and alignment, increased strength and endurance and greater flexibility along with the confidence that comes with it.




Learn how to quiet your mind and focus your intent. Bring a greater sense of awareness to your situation and surroundings.

We will give you simple and effective methods to train the mind and with it your intent. Experience sharper mental focus,  enhanced concentration and the ability to give any situation your full attention, not only in your kung fu, but in any area of your life.




Proper breathing brings both martial and health benefits to you.

We will teach you the correct lower abdominal breathing techniques to improve the health of internal organs, increase the flow of oxygen through your system by up to 4x, raise your stamina, lower your center of gravity (which is an advantage in physical combat) and release more energy (Jin) through your striking.




Chi or Qi according to Chinese medicine is defined as the energy flow within the body.

Once we have shown you how to prepare 

your body, calm your mind and control your breathing, you will be ready to learn about the different types of chi and how to develop martial chi to maximize the

effectiveness of your kung fu.


Force Flow


Correctly applied, force flow handling enables you to issue energy from any area of your body.

You will learn the secrets of redirecting 

force to or from any part of your body at will. This will exponentially increase your short range striking power and your ability to focus the release of energy (Jin) into your opponent.


Momentum Handling

Momentum is described as the byproduct of mass and velocity.

The essence of applying force in the martial arts can be demonstrated with this simple equation; Mass x Velocity = Force

You will learn 4 effective methods of momentum handling which teach you how to handle not only your momentum and your opponents momentum, but also a combination of both.

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